Celestial About


Celestial is a home and lifestyle brand offering carefully sourced objects and furnishings from artists around the world.

Celestial founder, Hannah Barker-Wyatt, is an interior designer and the former Creative Manager of Liberty London. The inspiration for Celestial began during a trip across India and Indonesia. Living simply and consuming carefully during this time, Hannah discovered artists creating unique items, often solely from organic materials.

It is this response to nature – the simplicity of handcrafted items – that is captured in the elegant aesthetics of the Celestial collection. Many of the pieces were made purely with function and necessity in mind. But in a different environment, they take on a new aura of natural beauty. Organic, refined colours meet minimalist designs that calm and inspire, creating a tranquil yet inviting environment.

Key to Celestial’s values is the desire to support and promote local and international craft communities. By maintaining the stories of the creators and the origins of each piece, we ensure that they have depth beyond the physical form. We continue to travel the globe today, searching for the uncommon beauty that can be seen in our collection.